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I’m Rebecca, a working wife and Mum of two, in her late 30’s, winging it through the crazy life of being a parent, trying to raise 2 girls to be decent human beings without destroying their characters. (I do like to set myself a challenge)  I didn’t get the ‘How to be a Super Mum’ manual either, yet I find myself, some days, trying to live up to that expectation. I’m, by no means, an expert, perfect Mother or exceptional writer, but I do enjoy it (most of the time) and find it helpful to right about the difficult days as well as the good days. I’m trying to enjoy my children, while they are still young enough to want to spend time with me and find things we can all do together. This could be cooking, crafting, days out or just being really silly. If I think it’s worth sharing, then I’ll write about it in my blog. It’s helping me to remember to take pictures and build memories with my fast growing children.