Summer holidays wish lists.

With the end of the school term just days away, I’m feeling like it’s crept up on me and I’m totally unprepared for the extra carnage that comes with it. 😫This summer🌞, Mr C and I have over lapped our holidays so we get to spend a week away altogether and then there’s only 3 weeks I need to find childcare for. I’m regretting excepting those extra hours on my contract, meaning I’m now working 4 days a week. That’s 4 days I’ve got to find childcare for. (Groan) Thankfully, I have some amazing friends and family willing to step in so I can stop stressing.😍

What bothers me is that the summer holidays will fly by, ✈ missing the chance to really enjoy it with the girls. As they grow older they are going to want to go off and enjoy their summers with their friends and being with their parents will not be cool.😎 I feel like there isn’t many summers left so I’ve got to make them count.

In comes the idea of a Summer wish list. Last summer the girls wrote out some summer bucket lists with things like ‘rolley polley down a hill’,  ‘make a den’, and ‘paint some pepples’. The girls enjoyed doing the things they had put on their lists last year and I photographed 📸each task they accomplished so they could scrap-book their memories. There were a lot of things similar on their lists so this year I want them to balance out their desired tasks by including some reading📖, get some exercise, sort out a cupboard or draw in their rooms, and to try different things. Encourage them to broaden their horizons and to think of others too.  So, I spent an hour designing a ‘Summer wish list form’ Each of us will fill one in, Mr C and myself too, and we’ll spend the summer trying to tick each one-off.✔

Attached below is a copy of that form, or go ahead and design your own. Is there anything I might have missed of the list? Enjoy the summer 🌞🌞🌞xxx

My Summer wish list20170718_220713-COLLAGE.jpg Continue reading