The night you were born, a message to my last born.

The day you were born should have told us everything we needed to know about your personality. April Fools day!

We should have known that you would be a head strong little girl who does everything on your terms. At 35 weeks, Mummy went into, what I thought was, labour. Even the mid wives were convinced and I was hooked up to a contraction monitor for 10 hours before they realised you wasn’t actually coming. The contractions were strong but not in a regular pattern and Mummy wasn’t dilating. It turns out on this occasion it wasn’t you but silly Mummy had got a urine infection that was making her uterus contract, making us all think you were coming. Back home we went with a coarse of antibiotics for Mummy to take.fb_img_1476173259349-01.jpeg

At 38 weeks, the contractions started again. They were together and in a pattern, you was coming this time, or so we thought, Mummy was 2 cm dilated. Mummy and Daddy was sent home to wait until Mummy got to 4 cm. Mummy and Daddy waited a long time. A whole week in fact, because those pesky contractions stopped when we got home from the hospital. Daddy took a week off work because the mid wives said you’d be anytime and Daddy didn’t want to miss you. Mummy was scared to stand up in case you fell out. Well, it certainly felt like that! The night Daddy went back to work Mummy’s waters broke. Mummy rang Daddy to tell him to come home, as you was definitely coming this time! The contractions were strong and fast! Nanny had to take Mummy to the hospital as Daddy wasn’t back yet! Nanny stopped at ALL the red lights, at 2.30am and not a sole around, Mummy began to growl, we nearly didn’t make it. Nanny got Mummy to the hospital but not to the maternity suite, it’s on the 4th floor and you was coming NOW! We made it just inside the hospital doors where security staff managed to get screaming, growling mummy into the Emergency Department, next door. (Oh the shame, but it gets worse!). They didn’t want Mummy making a mess in the entrance. Mummy didn’t want to make a mess in the entrance either! Then you were born, in front of a huge audience (Mummy’s worst nightmare) of Emergency Department Doctors and Nurses, clapping, cheering, tearing up. As Mummy was trying to get her maternity jeans off and screaming the whole Department down. Daddy didn’t make it but Nanny was there!

Daddy arrived 10 minutes later to a huge cheer and congratulations from everyone in the E.D that night. (I know, what did he do?) All the Doctors and Nurses were all on a high at seeing you enter the world. They said they see so much sadness everyday but had never had a baby born in their Emergency Department, so you baby girl, were their first, and you made everyone smile and happy. Mummy was still getting over the shock of being half naked and sharing something so intimate with so many people.

The day you were born tells me everything about you. The date, April Fools day, is so you. You are fun, and our little joker and you make me laugh everyday. The time it took for Mummy’s waters to break at 1.40 am, to you being born, was 1 hour and 10 minutes. You literally rushed your way into the world. You run everywhere and never seem to stop moving and the fact that once you had made your decision to enter the world there was no stopping you. You waited for no one, including Daddy. Mummy wasn’t even ready! You are our head strong little girl, who knows what she wants and I have no doubt that this will achieve you great things in your life. The smile on the Doctors and Nurses faces that you gave everyone that day, continues with you as you make everyone you meet smile and laugh. You were perfect, you are perfect. You are my amazing little girl with an amazing story of life.


3 thoughts on “The night you were born, a message to my last born.

  1. Amie Richards says:

    I think being on the go all the time is a trait of speedy birth babies! Amelia came so quickly and with Max I barely made it to hospital on time and they both just never stop and have a crazy amount of energy! #FridayFrolics

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