Warning to all Clown Pranksters

As a very tired mother of 2 frightened children, this is my warning to any wannabe Clown Pranksters, if you jump out on me or my children, I’m likely to stab you in the eye or continue driving straight at you. A sleep deprived me is much scarier!

After 2 nights of having to deal with my children’s nightmares and their over active minds, I’m really not feeling the Clown love or finding it funny. You see Clowns, when you started out with you scare pranks, you probably thought it was a bit of harmless fun to scare the living daylights out of someone. Me and the kids play ‘BOO’ all time to try to make the other jump, yes we all find it funny, especially our very own little prankster E. I think the minute you introduce carrying weapons and insinuating that you might actually hurt someone, just to get a laugh, then I think this crosses a line, and breaks some short of code of conduct in the ‘How to be Funny’ rule book and enters into the ‘How to be Fruit Cake’ book.

When you started your online campaign you probably did it for viewings and ratings. Well done you, it went global. Impressed! What you probably didn’t anticipate is that you would get ‘Copy Cats’ that can’t come up with their own ideas, copy you or even try to take it to a new level and try to go one better.  It’s opened up a huge can of worms and now all sorts of weirdos are trying it out and think that it is socially acceptable to dress as a clown, with a machete, going around threatening people …. In broad daylight …. With children around. REALLY! Do you still find this funny?

Now you’re not the only ones to blame. The media have given ‘The Clowns’, ‘Air time’, and it’s all over the news, on the radio in the car. My Kids can not get away from it and guess where it’s ended up. IN THE PLAYGROUND. Every break it’s talk of ‘The Clowns’. Some kids are making up their own stories, which in turn is scaring others. H has heard a story about a Clown climbing through someone’s window. This is enough, enough for H’s mind to freak out, not sleep, turn every sound that she hears into ‘A Clown climbing through our window’ scenario. She is scared. As she is 9 introducing ‘Clown Repellant Spray’ isn’t going to work like it did with the monsters when she was 4. I can’t even say it’s not real, as there really are ‘Nutters’ going around dressed as clowns. All I can say to console her is that I won’t let anyone hurt her or her sister. ‘Don’t you worry Mummy will stab them in the eye with a fork’ I don’t condone violence but a sleep deprived mother protecting her children can not be held responsible for her actions.

Anyone, any ideas how I might get some sleep tonight?


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