The Halloween Party Planner, my daughter.

When J, my husband, said about hosting a Halloween party back in the summer, I was all for it. Now as it gets closer I’m not so keen. With the idea of a Halloween party firmly planted in the kids heads, they have kept on and on about us hosting one. There really is no getting out of it. The thing is, I’ve lost my ummph! My get up and go, has got up and gone. The thought of a Halloween party seems like a big effort when my mojo has packed up and gone away. In steps H, my eldest daughter, lists at the ready and off she went, designing the party invites on the laptop. They were impressive for something she just knocked up in 5 minutes.

After seeing the long list of people the girls wanted to invite, we managed to whittle it down to just 10 friends. Our house just isn’t big enough for anymore and as we can’t guarantee it not to rain, using the garden is kind of out, at this time of year. With the invitations sent out, there’s no backing out now and H is in full party planner mode. Lists of games have been organised and she is now talking about putting together a play list of music for the party. So far I haven’t had to do anything.

J and I had a very rare day off together while the kids were at school, so while we were out wallpaper shopping, (before the cheeky little pub lunch) we managed to pick up some Halloween decorations. So far so good, this has been a family team effort, so it’s working out quite nicely. The disco light I’d forgotten I’d ordered, has been delivered too. So really, it’s just the food and sweets to sort. Maybe losing my mojo isn’t such a bad thing after all, when I have a daughter with awesome PA skills, think I’ll put her in charge of my diary next year.2012-10-31-13.19.31-01.jpeg.jpg

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