Family Day Out to Knockhatch Adventure Park

A family review on Knockhatch Adventure Park, is it worth a visit?

Our family day out this time, took us to the Knockhatch Adventure Park in Hailsham, East Sussex. We had seen pictures of friends visiting the park during the summer holidays and decided we’d like to try it out for ourselves.

The weather was now a lot cooler than the last few days and it was a little drizzly this morning but we decided to chance it anyway. The weather forecast said the rain wasn’t meant to last all day and we could see from the Park’s website that their was some indoor stuff to do, so thought we’d be able to dodge any rain showers should they we have any. Armed with information from their website, our exchanged Clubcard tokens, excited kids and a change of clothes (in case of heavy rain) we set off for our day out.

It took us about an hour to get there, with the girls entertained with their DSs’, we found it easily, with no hic ups. (Yeay) There was a huge sign outside the entrance so you couldn’t miss it and although it has a long driveway, the car parks are well sign posted too. There was plenty of parking in its gravel car park with 2 other overflow car parks for busy peak season. At the main entrance there is lot’s of signage advertising the park, its prices and any extra activities that cost extra and aren’t included the park’s entrance cost. They do package family prices which work out a bit cheaper but because we were paying with Clubcard tokens we had to pay 4 x individual entrances a Ā£9.99 each. We knew this before we came as it was clearly stated on their website, I suppose what I’m trying to say is the website is very well-informed. You can pre book entrance tickets on the website too, this gives you an extra saving to the on the door price so if you’re not using Clubcard tokens this may be worth doing. We paid the extra to do the Go Karts, Climbing Wall, Bungee Trampolines and some animal feed.  The other extra paid activities were Laser Tag, Mini Quad bikes and Mini Diggers . In my opinion, if you didn’t want to pay the extra for these activities, there is still plenty to do. There is also a height restriction of 1.3 m or above to ride the Go Karts.


When entering the park there are Rabbits, Peahens, Peacocks, Chickens, Cockerels, baby Chicks, Geese and Ducks. All can be fed with the animal feed. Other animals that can fed further around the park are Sheep, Goats, a very noisy vocal Donkey and a really fat Pig. We didn’t realise this and used up all the food on the Chickens. There is also a walk in Wallaby enclosure, Cows, Reindeer, Pheasants, Cockatoos, lot’s of different species of Owl, Meerkats, Raccoons, a Skunk, A Macaw and a very chatty African Cockatoo named Barney. He actually said “Hello Holly” to Holly, we were all very impressed.

The 5 Bungee Trampolines were very well organised. The staff was on hand to put on the safety harnesses and operate the bungee. They helped Holly and Emma to Jump higher and encouraged them. If your children or adults like to jump there is also the giant jumping pillows. Holly and Emma had a great time on these but it can get a bit busy at times.

Holly and Emma’s favourite was the water slide and yes you do get wet, so John and I discovered. It’s quite high up, you sit on a board and it’s nearly a vertical drop till you skim along at the bottom. The heavier you are the further you skim and wetter you get.wp-1474185050588.jpg

There are 2 outdoor adventure play parks, snow tube slide, Quadrapilla tractor ride, Owl display, drop slide and a boating lake, where you can row your family around amongst the ducks. John discovered that rowing is harder than it looks but it was a giggle and I got a wet bum, again. (Glad to have that change of clothes in the car.) John is already complaining he aches, guessing he won’t be able to move his arms in the morning, oops.

Emma discovered she is a pro at rock climbing, combating all 3 climbing walls like Spidergirl. No surprise there as I’m always telling her to stop climbing and she should have been a monkey.wp-1474183124282.jpg

You can take your own picnic, there’s a sheltered out-door picnic area, with a cafe to be able to get a cup of tea, but I didn’t see many other benches around the park. You can take your picnic indoors to one of the indoor soft play areas. We chose not to take a picnic this time as my husband isn’t a fan of carrying it (me either) and as we used Clubcard tokens to get in we thought it wasn’t being too indulgent paying to eat at the park. It wasn’t too pricey actually and their was plenty of choice. We chose a 10 inch Margarita pizza, 2 teas, a diet Coke and an Oasis and it was Ā£9.90. We shared the Pizza between the 4 of us, not quite enough, should have bought 2, but we were planning to eat out on the way home so we were saving ourselves for then anyway. Besides the girls didn’t have time to eat they were far to busy playing in the soft play area.

There are plenty of places to wash your hands around the park and they have warm water. Always important when being around animals, especially as some of them are so friendly and don’t mind being petted. The toilets were central to the park and were pretty clean and not smelly, again important as I feel like I spend half our day out, taking the girls to the toilet. I’m sorry I must confess, I forgot to look if they had a baby change or disabled toilet or what they were like.

To end our day at Knockhatch Adventure Park, we went on their Run Away Train Simulator. Now, bit of a warning here, it is very dark so could frighten small children but there is no height restriction for this ride. I thought it was really good, bit like a rollercoaster, but both John and Holly felt a little sick on it. It’s usually me that gets motion sickness!

I asked the girls how they would describe Knockhatch to their friends, Holly said “It’s fun” and Emma said “Exciting”. All in all, we had a fantastic day out and would definitely recommend it. It has something for all ages, even us bigger kids. So, yes it is worth a visit. We had no rain either. šŸ™‚

Anyone else been here who would like to add anything I may have missed? What was your experience like? Let me know in the comments. xx



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3 thoughts on “Family Day Out to Knockhatch Adventure Park

  1. Happy Mummy (Maria Hughes) says:

    I always say I am going to use clubcard tokens for something cool like this then I always end up exchanging them straight away and getting hardly anything for them. I need to start using them properly I think!

    That slide is HUGE they are both braver than me šŸ™‚

    The tractor ride looks great fun!

    Thank you so much for linking up to #HMcapturingmoments x

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