Girl Talk – When is the right time for the first Bra?


When will my daughter be ready for her first bra or training bra?

This is a question I’ve been asking myself for a while. Then out of the blue, a week or so ago, John asks me the same question. He has obviously noticed what I have, Holly’s body shape is changing. It’s beginning to take the shape of a young womans as she has begun to form hips and begun to bud. I can tell he doesn’t like it, I don’t like ot either. Our little Holly Bubs is growing Up!

We are so not ready for our little girl to grow up but it looks like mother nature has taken control and it’s happening, whether we like it or not. Granted, Holly is only 9, (10 in 3 Months) so she is at the younger end of the female hormone scale but it’s not uncommon and talking to other parents of girls the same age, we are all noticing similar changes in our little girls.

I can’t really draw back to my own experience because I was a late bloomer. I was earning my own money from the age of 13, collecting glasses in a pub, so I bought my own bra’s and underwear. I really can’t remember if I even had it fitted or I just bought what I thought would fit. I know I definitely didn’t have a training bra.

With this in mind, I took to my favourite source of information, Google. Now you can get a lot of good information and bad information on the internet so I made sure I checked plenty of different websites and blogs. This is the information that was consistent :-

● When your daughter is at the budding stage, where it’s just the nipples protruding then they only need to wear the soft cropped camisole style tops.

● When they start to complain of sore breasts or the breast tissue outside of the nipple is developing then this is the time to introduce a training bra. The training bra will give them the support they need which should help with any breast pain. Under wire bra’s should not be worn by girls whose breasts are still developing as it can lead to breast tissue damage.

From all the information I read, Marks and Spencers was mentioned repeatedly as being very good at measuring girls for their first bra’s. After their first measurement, even if they don’t measure up for a bra just yet, they should be remeasured every 4 weeks as they can develop and grow quite quickly.

As a Mum, I think you need to trust your instincts, this would be down to the individual child. Most of us Mum’s would be able to see if their daughter had grown or not. Every 4 weeks seems too much to me, but I can’t actually remember developing boobs or how quickly they grew. It just seems like I didn’t have them and then I did. Maybe they did grow quickly!?!? So, I’ll use it as a guide not as a strict rule.

Now all it comes down to is whether Holly’s ready, mentally!  (And us) We have established that she is starting to bud so John and I, together, explained that from now on she must wear a crop top and the reasons why. Especially on PE days. There are exceptions, for instants, the clothes she’s wearing, she may not be able to wear one with strapped tops and dresses as it would look silly and be on show. We don’t want to embarrass her.

Continuing on from not wanting to embarrass Holly, when she is ready to be fitted for her first bra,  we need to remember how personal it is. Although she’ll always be our little girl, she may not want us in the changing room while she’s being fitted, she might not want to make a big fuss. At school, the boys and girls still get changed for PE in the class room altogether. So, she may not want people to see her in a bra. These are all things we need to think about and respect, as our little girl grows.

Something else we need to consider is if she wants a bra and isn’t ready for one yet. This scenario would arise if all her friends are wearing bra’s. She’ll feel like she is being left behind or not on trend with her friends. Marks and Spencer have this covered too, they sell a pack of 2 first bra’s, which are slightly padded, starting from a size 28 AA.

Another company that was repeatedly mentioned for selling first Bra’s is Asda. It was mentioned as being much cheaper than Marks and Spencer. This might be a consideration if your daughter grows quickly. Although Marks and Spencer is a trusted brand, they can be a little pricey as your paying for the quality.  If your suddenly faced with buying 2 to 3 new Bra’s every month you wouldn’t need to worry about the quality so much, as they’re growing out of them so quickly so they don’t need to last.

After researching and talking to Holly about it all I’m feeling a lot more confident and comfortable, with an understanding of when Holly will need her first bra. I’m now prepared.

How about you? 

Hope you found this article informative. Let me know what you think or if you’ve anymore tips, write them in the comments. I’d love to hear them.

Thanks for reading. Xxx




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