Emma and Holly’s Top 10 things to do with a Balloon 

I never realised how much fun Holly and Emma could have with a bag of party balloons. They have giggled so much, a better sound than them bickering or whinging.

After Emma discovered her McDonald’s balloon deflated on the floor this morning she decided to blow it back up herself and asked me to tie it up. After hitting it around the house for a while she wanted it untied again to do something else with it, except I couldn’t, it was well tied by yours truly, so I promised to get her some later that day. I kept my promise and bought her a bag of balloons which cost me the huge sum of 99p.

Holly and Emma have played with these balloons nearly all day and have been quite imaginative and inventive in their games. There were many many games they played but here is a list of their top 10 fun things to do with a balloon.

1. Blow it up and then let it go so it flies all around the room. Not recommended after it’s been blown up a few times, unless you’d like a shower.

2. Emma’s Prank. Ask someone to tie up a balloon that you’ve just blown up as you hand to them let it go. Funny the first time, raises a smile second but can become annoying quickly.

3. Decorate a blown up balloon with whatever you can find.

4. Treat your blown up balloon like a baby. Cradling it, pushing around in a buggy, making a cosy bed for it. Even put it up your t-shirt and pretend your pregnant.

5. Make you very own stress ball by filling a balloon with sodium polyacrylate crystal (water absorbing crystals) that’s been soaked in water and then tieing it up. Squish and squeeze it, maybe even throw it at a wall as hard as you can before you get caught by you Mum. Makes a fantastic slap noise when it hits the wall.

6. Balloon tennis. Needs no explanation really.

7. A good weapon to bash your opponent with in a play fight. Yes girls do like to play fight too but just not as boisterously (well Emma can get a little rough) and it does usually end in tears.

8. Balloon basket ball. You need a willing volunteer, preferably an adult to stand and hold their arms out in a hoop shape. Volunteer needs to be prepared to be hit in the face, a lot! Rules – keep balloon up in the air, you can’t move while holding the balloon and the aim is to get the balloon through the volunteers arms. Taller players have the advantage, this leads to smaller players having to play dirty and cheat.

9. Header keepy uppy. Keep the balloon in the air with your head.

10. Strictly come balloon dance. Dance using your balloon as a dance partner.

I’m sure they could come up with more but nearing bedtime we thought it best to end their balloon olympics and get them to chill for a bit. As I pick up the deflated, soggy balloons lying around the house it’s once again been proved to me that it really is just the simple things in life. If you have a good imagination then you can make anything fun. Also, from now on I’m always going to keep a pack of balloons in the cupboard.

What do you think, did we miss any that you think should be on that list?

If you enjoyed reading then please like or even better comment. Thank you for reading. Xxx



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