Back to School. Name tag a bag. 

wp-image-1060057663jpg.jpgIt’s the time of year that every parent dreads and looks forward to at the same time. Back to school!!! Personally after the day I’ve had today with them bickering and annoying each other I think I’m ready and their ready. We’ve had a fantastic summer and the sun has definitely shone which makes me feel like we’ve actually had a true summer. I’m actually ready for a cozy autumn and looking forward to, dare I say it, CHRISTMAS!!!!!

Now to give the kids, and me, a break from the bickering, I thought I’d get them to make some name tags for their school bags. An item that I often find tricky to label with their name and a way they can personalise it with their own style. I got the idea from a Facebook selling site that I bought off of in previous years but this year I thought it would be fun to make some ourselves. I just picked up some letter beads in our local Tesco but I think you can pretty much get them in any crafting shop or online. What we did find out the ones we bought from Tesco, is that the hole on the bead was quite small which meant we couldn’t use the ribbon we planned to use, so instead we just chose some strong coloured thread. The girls also chose to use some of the left over beads they had from jewellery making sets they’ve had in the past. Both of them chose to colour coordinate the beads with their new Smiggle school bags. Definitely my girls!! We secured the first bead on at the bottom and then they threaded on the rest of their beads, taking care to make sure they got their letters the right way up. When finished we then secured the last bead on and then tied them onto their school bags.

And there you have it. We had fun and their school bags are named.

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