No more KNOTS!!!

Anyone with girls with long hair would understand my daily struggle of trying to get a hair brush through their hair. Emma, well trying to pin her down to keep still long enough is a task in its self but her wavy thick locks make it an even more mammoth task, while Holly, with the straight, fine hair, has always loved me doing hers but recently I had noticed that even hers was becoming extremely difficult to get the hair brush through and she too was beginning to create and dread the morning hair brush. Holly has been trying to do it herself but she never seems to get the back or the underneath so I always have to go over it. Even after brushing both of  their hairs, it didn’t look like it had been brushed. What’s going on? I tried detanglers, expensive conditioners, leave in conditioners, Argan oil. Blow drying, not blow drying, heat protection spray. Special tangle hair brushes, I tried it all; or so I thought I had! I had come to terms with the fact that my children just had exceptionally knotty hair and it was just one of those annoying things in life, when an impromptu trip to hair dressers revealed why my children have such knotty hair. The hairdresser asked ‘do your children do lots of swimming at all?’ My immediate answer was ‘Yes, they go swimming every week’. The hair dresser explained to me that she could feel the chlorine build up in their hair and causing it to tangle and lose its shine. OMG, I’m a bad Mum was my instant thoughts!!! She then explained that they sold a chlorine removing shampoo. Now I was tossing up in my head a mixture of bad mum guilty feelings and ‘Is this woman trying to rip me off with her over priced shampoo?’ In the end I did buy the shampoo. IT WAS £11.25!!!!! (Eeekk I hope John’s not reading this!!!) After washing their hair in it last night it was SO WORTH IT!!!! No more Knots and their hair was soft and had its shine back. The hair dresser explained that I only need to use it after swimming and to use a tiny bit. So I’m hoping that it’ll last a while. Now that’s one less thing to not stress over in the morning rush and I’m hoping Holly can go back to brushing it herself.

After trying out the shampoo I thought I would hit google and do a bit of research on Chlorine damage to hair and it would seem that the hair dresser was correct in what she was saying, Chlorine can cause mineral deposits to build up in the swimmers hair, causing it to dry out and become unmanageable. I am feeling miffed as to why I didn’t know about this before. Shampoo manufactures and missing a trick not shouting out about this more. Maybe even advertise at the swimming pools. Next I though I’d research into whether there is any cheaper shampoos I could by in the future.  After stumbling on a feed on Mum’s net it would seem that the cheaper ones my not be as ‘up to the job’ as the more expensive ones, so for now I think I’ll stick to the one I’ve got.

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