Make up and growing girls!!!

IMG_20160901_104644As I was sitting in my room, applying my war paint this morning, my girls walked into my room with faces full of make up and their outfits carefully chosen. Emma, the youngest, well her make up was still at that clown stage. Bless her. Holly, well she looked too grown up, as her make up had been carefully applied; following the YouTube videos that I have seen her watching lately. It then dawned on me. Has modern day technology and the likes of social media took away something from me? The chance to spend time bonding with my daughter, teaching her how to apply make up. Is it forcing and encouraging  her to grow up too quickly? Am I going to be judged as a mum, like Katie Price when that picture of her daughter with full on make up was released? I hear certain family members in my head ‘she looks too old, you’ve let her grow up too quickly’.

Now thinking deeper. I never learnt make up tips from my mum! Glad I didn’t! My mum hardly wore make up unless she was going on a night out. Her style was stuck in the seventies, with bright blue eyeliner. It was what she was comfortable with and I have to say it suited her, I do always remember her looking nice when she went out. I remember experimenting with make up at Hollys age getting tips from Magazines and the Avon catalogue. Had YouTube been around I probably would’ve been right there watching it. I haven’t missed a bonding experience, it’s just my heart lurching as my baby is growing older and maybe she thinks my make up techniques are dated. Might have to sit and watch a few with her!

As for being judged, I then thought, every day my children watch me pick out an outfit, and somewhat try to put together a look I think I’ll feel comfortable in. Then I sit there and carefully apply my make up as the thought of leaving the house without it horrifies me. Why do I do this everyday? Because its me and how I want to be. It’s my choice what I wear. I realise I am my children’s influence, their idol and they probably look at me adouring as I do my own mother. I can’t stop them doing what I do everyday. This actually made me feel proud and instead of fighting it, I’ve decided I will embrace it and let them grow into the beautiful women they want to be. Although, if short skirts and belly tops come into it then the fight might recommence. Thankfully I don’t wear those so hopefully they won’t!!!

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