Christmas Shopping in August!!!!

You all might think I’m crazy and you probably aren’t too far from the truth, but yes I have begun to think about Christmas and buying presents. But before you all rush to judge me then please hear me out.

The main reason I begin to shop now is budgeting and bargains. Yes I save a little each month for Christmas so the cost doesn’t end up on a credit card but I’m a big fan of getting my money to go further and I love a bargain. Makes me feel like I’ve got one up on the world of retail.  Guess what, the summer sales are in full flow and not just in the clothes shops. Great places to get your stocking fillers are places like ‘The Works’. They too have a summer sale and just the other day I managed to pick up some letter writing sets that my kids will love at 70% off. I’ve buried these away under my Ottoman bed away from prying eyes, especially Emma. This child should work for Mi5 when she’s older, nothing goes unnoticed when she’s around. I then hope I haven’t forgotten about them and I can find them when Christmas gets here.

My husband tells me that it takes the fun out of Christmas if I get it all done too early but I beg to differ. If I’ve got it all done by November it gives me December to do festive things with the kids and enjoy Christmas. Instead, of trying to cram every minute of spare time shopping for items that are out of stock everywhere and double the price they were the month before!!! I remind him that he only goes Christmas shopping for one person, where John then joins the rest of the husbands, boyfriends, partners etc Christmas eve shopping for a gift for me.

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