Childrens Bucket Lists

With us being into week 2 of the children’s school summer holiday, having spent a fortune and the kids at each others throats all ready, it has got me thinking into things we can do to entertain the children that isn’t going to draw on the bank balance. This lead me to an article I ready a while ago about children’s bucket lists of things they should do in childhood.

These lists consist of simple things like: fly a kite, build a camp, make rose petals perfume etc. There are many of these lists, if you Google them. I decided to list down some of these, reading through the different lists on google, picking out the least costly ones, and then let my children create their very own bucket lists, using the ideas from my researched lists. This way it’s a list of things they want to do and not what I want them to do or an article says they should do. This is a win win situation, as it kept them quiet for half hour, compiling and decorating their lists and also gave me ideas in what we can do in the holidays with them.

The plan now is to tick one off of the list each day and photograph them doing it, building up a scrap-book of their summer holiday.

One of the things I have learnt over the years of spending a fortune on my children, is that it’s always the simple things that they enjoyed the most. This could well be on the way to making the ‘Best Summer Ever’. Let’s hope so. Xxx


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