Water Fight!! Oh, go on then.

Today, after a morning at work, I picked the girls up from their Aunties, and we started the ‘Summer Bucket Lists’. The dog needed a walk so we headed to a local dog walking park that has acres of fields and woodland. Perfect, kill two birds with one stone, or so to speak.

At first, it was hard not to think of the long list of jobs I needed to do this afternoon, mainly cleaning chores, but with some encouragement from the kids, we explored. Both girls climbed trees, (I climbed one too, just to show them how it’s done of course) went off the beaten track, collected some bits up to make a collage picture (Summer homework from school) and roley polyed down a really big Hill. We had fun, we giggled and they got filthy. I had to remind myself, it’s fine, their in old clothes and it’ll wash out. I really must remember to leave the grown up at work!!!

When we got back home, we all quenched out thirsts, the dog collapsed from all the running, and the girls were quite happy to go off and play on their own to let me get dinner on the go, no bickering or winding each other up. RESULT! I even managed a few little jobs while the dinner was cooking.

After dinner, the girls asked to have a water fight in the garden. After the grown up and inner child battled in my head the inner child won, well they come to a compromise instead. OK, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for me to get dinner cleared away and the kitchen cleaned, another job down and I could watch them from the kitchen window. Enjoying and laughing with them. Holly asked to get her costume on but I reminded them both that their clothes were dirty anyway so they may as well stay in them. This made them both extremely happy, it seemed oh so much more fun for them to have a fully clothed water fight. It started with water guns but they felt they weren’t getting wet enough so out came the hose. OK, adult and inner child compromised again, and as they were using the hose they could water the plants while they were there, another job down, GET IN.

Water Fight over, they were absolutely soaked, dripping wet. Straight in to the shower they went, WHAT, WAIT A MINUTE!!!! No argument, no battle. Kids were clean and in their PJ’S just bedtime to go. OK, so far so good, a bit of chill out in front of the TV and a hot chocolate. The time has come for bedtime and their both happy to go. OH WOW. Who cares if all those jobs/chores didn’t get done. The kids are happy, the dog is happy and I’m happy.




Christmas Shopping in August!!!!

You all might think I’m crazy and you probably aren’t too far from the truth, but yes I have begun to think about Christmas and buying presents. But before you all rush to judge me then please hear me out.

The main reason I begin to shop now is budgeting and bargains. Yes I save a little each month for Christmas so the cost doesn’t end up on a credit card but I’m a big fan of getting my money to go further and I love a bargain. Makes me feel like I’ve got one up on the world of retail.  Guess what, the summer sales are in full flow and not just in the clothes shops. Great places to get your stocking fillers are places like ‘The Works’. They too have a summer sale and just the other day I managed to pick up some letter writing sets that my kids will love at 70% off. I’ve buried these away under my Ottoman bed away from prying eyes, especially Emma. This child should work for Mi5 when she’s older, nothing goes unnoticed when she’s around. I then hope I haven’t forgotten about them and I can find them when Christmas gets here.

My husband tells me that it takes the fun out of Christmas if I get it all done too early but I beg to differ. If I’ve got it all done by November it gives me December to do festive things with the kids and enjoy Christmas. Instead, of trying to cram every minute of spare time shopping for items that are out of stock everywhere and double the price they were the month before!!! I remind him that he only goes Christmas shopping for one person, where John then joins the rest of the husbands, boyfriends, partners etc Christmas eve shopping for a gift for me.

Childrens Bucket Lists

With us being into week 2 of the children’s school summer holiday, having spent a fortune and the kids at each others throats all ready, it has got me thinking into things we can do to entertain the children that isn’t going to draw on the bank balance. This lead me to an article I ready a while ago about children’s bucket lists of things they should do in childhood.

These lists consist of simple things like: fly a kite, build a camp, make rose petals perfume etc. There are many of these lists, if you Google them. I decided to list down some of these, reading through the different lists on google, picking out the least costly ones, and then let my children create their very own bucket lists, using the ideas from my researched lists. This way it’s a list of things they want to do and not what I want them to do or an article says they should do. This is a win win situation, as it kept them quiet for half hour, compiling and decorating their lists and also gave me ideas in what we can do in the holidays with them.

The plan now is to tick one off of the list each day and photograph them doing it, building up a scrap-book of their summer holiday.

One of the things I have learnt over the years of spending a fortune on my children, is that it’s always the simple things that they enjoyed the most. This could well be on the way to making the ‘Best Summer Ever’. Let’s hope so. Xxx


First blog post

Before I start, let me just say that, this is my very first Blog, not just on Word Press but, my very first ever Blog. This is all new to me, I’m a complete novice. Dont get me wrong, I’ve read many blogs online over the years, have been inspired and got so many great ideas. Now I’ve decided that I would like to give it a go, a new hobby, writing about my crazy family, who I love dearly. If others can be inspired and pick up some great ideas from reading my blogs, then even better.

So, here goes, for my first blog post I thought I would introduce you to myself and my family.

My name is Rebecca and I’m 37 years old. I’m very lucky and extremely grateful to have a very hard-working, loving husband, John, who is also 37. He is 6 months younger than me, which he likes to remind me of all the time, but I have a full head of hair. John traded his hair for our children, 6 months after having our first, his hair had thinned rapidly on top. He now gets mistaken for one of the Eastenders Mitchell brother’s.

We have two beautiful princesses (literally), Holly is 9 and Emma is 6. They keep us extremely busy and on our toes. Everytime we think we’ve got this and understand them, they grow a bit more and move onto the next stage and leave us feeling like novices all over again. It has been researching and reading others blogs that have helped us and of course listening to friends and families advice. I hope by passing on our tries and tribulations, and sometimes wisdom, through my Blogs will help or even inspire others.

To balance out the hormones and add some testosterone to the house hold, we have a dog, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier called Jackson, and Black cat, called George.

We live in a 3 bedroom house in Kent, the South East of England, about an hour away from London.

John and I both work. John is a HGV driver and is away from home Monday to Friday and prides himself on being the main provider for our family. Yes he feels he misses out a little on the children growing up, but we have Skype and smartphones, so we are in constant contact. I have friends whose husbands are home every night and they still don’t get to see their kids, as they go to work before the children get up and they get in after they’ve gone to bed.  I do get a snippet of what it would be like to be a single mum during the week but I have some fantastic friends who really help me out.

I work part-time, as a field based merchandising representing for a greetings card company. I have to juggle this with the school runs and caring for our girls. Luckily my job is flexible hours and can be worked in the times that they are at school. School holidays I have to rely on family, friends and holiday clubs. It keeps Holly and Emma from getting bored and spend time with family we don’t always get to see.

And that’s it. This is our family.

Thanks for reading. Xxx